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"Heidi in Blue" Butterfly Print

Her Story is Beautiful

I wanted it so be an artist.
To be able to place color on paper, and know exactly how to move it across the surface...
to stand in the paint section of our local hobby store and understand the supplies.
to have a smock that felt familiar and worn
and a paintbrush that knew my hand.
And before you think that this butterfly was my first attempt at butterflies, let me just stop you right there.
No, this was not my first butterfly.
This butterfly was approximately a year in the making,
and behind her are all the other butterflies that came before,
laying the foundation of learning
and shoring up the ground on which she now stands.
If you look closely at her, you will see that she is both strong & delicate.
Her translucent wings allow you to see who she is.
While her sharper edges tell you that it hasn't always been easy.
However, she knows who she is,
Whose she is,
and that part of her purpose is wrapped up in His beauty.
She is not as fragile as she looks.
She is both beautiful
and she is strong...
and she is determined to live out her purpose.
She knows from whence she came,
she understands all the work that went into designing & creating her beauty,
and she does not despise her beginnings, or the failures they may represent.
She stands tall & proud because of those failures.
They are a crucial part of her story.


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