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"Wonder" - Christmas Child Watercolor Painting

The Wonder of a Child at Christmas

Sometimes I look into their eyes, and I wonder what they wonder at…I wonder what it must be like to see the world all fresh & newfull of hope & possibility, mystery &...

"The Unplanned" - Colorful Watercolor Bird Prints & Greeting Cards

"The Unplanned"

Not what I had planned... This little guy wasn't meant to look anything like this.He would have neat lines & square corners.His background would be clean & soft.His feathers less...

"Avante in Pink" Ballerina Prints & Greeting Card Sets

"Avante in Pink"

"Avante in Pink" - the title of this graceful piece.Avante means "forward moving" and pink needs no explanation.I named her this because it describes my life today.But, not my life before.I...

"Avante in Color" - Ballerina Prints & Greeting Card Sets

"Avante in Color"

"Avante in Color" - the title of this graceful piece.Avante means "forward moving" and color needs no explanation.I named her this because it describes my life today.But, not my life...

"She is Hope" Christmas Ballerina Print & Greeting Cards

"She is Hope"

She is beautiful in all her Christmas glitter & finery.And striking in a way that I always wanted to be, yet feared I had failed. She is graceful in a...

“Gently Led” Father Son Prayer Print & Greeting Card Set

Pray for Him

My art is about the nests we build & the stories they tell. This piece is especially close to my heart… as a mother of sons, I pray fervently for...

Christa Dawn ART - I'm Afraid to Paint

I'm Afraid to Paint

And here we are again. With the fear. **sigh**   Because…and correct me if I‘m wrong, but don’t we tend to assume (hope) that when it comes to the road...

Christa Dawn ART - Custom Home Paintings Tulsa

Every House is Built by Someone

When I'm painting a home, I'm taking something flat like a sheet of cotton paper, and I'm giving it dimension.   I'm creating depth and shape. Shadow and light.  ...

Christa Dawn ART - Lifestyle Artist

How I Choose to Decorate

I don't care much for trends when it comes to design.   Now, before you leave because you love trends and feel we can not be friends... Please allow me to...

"Heidi in Blue" Butterfly Print

Her Story is Beautiful

I wanted it so be an artist. To be able to place color on paper, and know exactly how to move it across the surface... to stand in the...

Christa Dawn - Lifestyle Artist Tulsa

Humble Beginnings

By this time, I had already painted the hot air balloon, the large, shiny green beetle, and the lighthouse near the sea.   There was also that unfortunate page full...


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