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Christa Dawn ART - Lifestyle Artist

How I Choose to Decorate

Christa Dawn ART - Lifestyle Artist
I don't care much for trends when it comes to design.
Now, before you leave because you love trends and feel we can not be friends...
Please allow me to unpack that statement a little.
I don't care for trends
for m.
I love looking at beautiful, trendy homes on Pinterest
or even if someone with a great set of designer skills invites me over for a piece of cake.
I love the cake, and I also appreciate their beautiful home & delicate china pattern
It's so lovely & thoughtful when it all matches and coordinates.
But for me...
For me,
I need my home to offer three very important things... needs to have the ability to go from bright to dim at a moment's notice.
During the day...all the lights on, with shades & curtains pulled open.
But in the evening, I want the shades drawn, the lamps dimmed, and the candles lit. needs to feel like a hug.
And for me a hug feels like a well-worn blanket that has been made of the warmest colors,
with just a touch of cool tones
for balance and contrast. needs to tell a story.
I want to look at something on the wall, thrown over the couch, or sitting in a cozy corner
and know why it's there...
Where and why I got it,
which child made it,
or how I inherited it.
And in order to have this, I have learned to allow my home to just
and simply
In other words, I have long since ceased trying to keep it up to date.
As a matter of fact, if you look closely throughout my rooms,
you will find traces of decorating eras and trends....
Because I'm not opposed to collecting or owning items that are trendy,
I'm just opposed to maintaining a specific style or theme that stays on point.
But here is the moral of the story....
Our homes should reflect us.
And for some that means keeping it on trend.
Because some of you are just always so lovely in the latest styles, and you remind us to move forward a bit with the times
and to be brave enough to try new things.
Others like to hold onto the past when they decorate.
And that's ok too.
You remind us to remember, and never forget...
because our past informs us, trains us, and provides the foundation for our present and future.
Instead of trends, I choose to use memories to decorate & fill the rooms.
This decorating style reflects me well because I am a storyteller.
I use stories in my writing, as well as my art.
And I love that God has given me a passion for stories.
His, mine & yours.
What does your home say about you?
Does it reflect who you are?
Ask God to show you how He sees you.
You will never get over how much He loves you, sweet will change your life.


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