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Christa Dawn ART - I'm Afraid to Paint

I'm Afraid to Paint

Christa Dawn ART - Afraid to Paint
And here we are again.
With the fear. **sigh**
Because…and correct me if I‘m wrong,
but don’t we tend to assume (hope) that when it comes to the road well-traveled…
fear will no longer be an issue?
Something that we have already overcome through hard work, success and prayer.
But, no.
It simply isn’t the case.
As a matter of fact, the more I press in to my passion and purpose,
the more I find the opposite to be true.
It seems that fear tries to attach itself to anything and everything of value in my life.
Simply put...what is it that I love?
What do I desperately need to work out? And what matters the most to me?
Wherever & whatever that is…
fear is there.
Running along beside me in the race of life, shouting accusations of doubt, dread & misery.
And doing it’s absolute darnedest to trip me up along the way.
It is the anti-coach in life,
has come to steal, kill & destroy all the things I hold dear.
And is most certainly from the enemy of my soul.
John 10:10
Therefore, I am afraid to paint.
And while I feel called, driven & drawn to paint
I also feel afraid that I will fail.
That my previous successes were near misses of failure, and I will for certain lose should I try again.
That I will finally know it has all been a sham, and I am not who I claim to be.
I am not what I had hoped.
I am not an artist.
And thus, I avoid the blank canvas like the plague, and tell myself that I’m too busy processing orders, creating video content, or writing blog posts.
Matter of fact, I use you as an excuse.
And I claim that I simply cannot let you down.
I tell myself that you will expect a new blog post.
or be looking for an email.
And you may even decide to leave if I don’t comply.
I’m sorry for blaming things on you.
I truly am.
It isn’t fair, and you really do seem very nice.
A good friend, showing up to read my blog posts and purchase my art.
I treasure you, and want us to stay close.
So, there you have it.
Fear is no respecter of persons.
It takes its job very seriously.
And it threatens all you hold dear.
But, hear me, Love...
Let us be reminded that fear has a bite much smaller than its bark.
A power minuscule in comparison to our promise in Christ.
And a primary tactic…
of fear itself.
It has much less than it claims to have.
And it is afraid that you will grasp this.
So, grasp it. And hang on to this truth for dear life.
For life was surely meant to be lived & lived to the full.
Deuteronomy 30:19, John 10:10
Paint the painting.
Start the new adventure.
Love with all of the abandon you have, in all of the relationships God has given you.
And finally,
know you aren’t the only one fighting the good fight.
I’m right there with you. Battling the same demons.
Yes, we have a common fight
but, we also have a common answer.
Take your fear to Him today.
And I will do the same.
He will take the call, handle the demands and provide the peace.
2 Timothy 1:7, Ephesians 2:14, Philippians 4:6-7
He is ever so faithful. ❤️
And thank you for sticking with me & allowing me to be real!
Your turn...
I read every email.
How are you overcoming fear in your life?
Christa Dawn ART - Lifestyle Artist & Watercolorist


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